Beauty Standards in Modern World

Published: 2021-06-17 08:43:20
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Every type of media from the magazines to the internet, exhibit a standard of beauty that nowadays everybody ought to appear and look like. Today some of the beauty standards within the world will appear unreachable and seem to be impossible. People often say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and I would say that the most saving thing about beauty, understands that you are the beholder. This enables us to discover beauty in every place; where in every people not notice to look have, including what is inside ourselves. With this we want to highlight the most important thing to know about beauty standards is that we are all primarily beautiful. It really doesn’t matter what we see and read in the magazines, internet, or even your own friends and family has to say about it. Beauty can be seen everywhere, most especially in the things that make us unique from everybody else. But what is really the definition of beauty? What comes to our mind when we visualize a beautiful woman?
The most common impression is a woman who is thin, has perfect hair, perfect skin, and is properly dressed. I admit that I frequently see anyone who corresponds from all those description. There is a reason why we assume that a beautiful woman must have those criteria particularly because nowadays we saw those kinds of pictures in the social media in our everyday basis that will surely affects us in defining beauty.The standard of beauty place for women that is present in the social media is somehow shameless and unreachable. It gives big impact in every girl and women’s self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as every man’s assumptions of women. On the top of that, the demonstration of what is truly beautiful in the social media does not seem like an uncompromising issue, but to be honest it really is. Every country has set beauty standards that are popular even in our country some example of that is the Korean, Japanese and United Kingdom Beauty Standards. In Korea due to the influence of culture’s distinct beauty standards, South Korea has now had the elevated rate of cosmetic surgeries in the world. For all women in Korea to be considered beautiful, there’s a long criteria to check off. The ideal woman must has a tapered jaw, big round eyes, double eyelids , pointed but small nose, a small mouth, and a perfect skin.
Next is the Japanese Beauty Standard which is very much different in Korea, first of Japan’s eccentric beauty standards is the compulsion with “yaeba” otherwise known as the connate teeth or double tooth. While most of the women in the world preferred on having the perfect teeth and straight-toothed smile, Japanese culture finds this deformed look much more beautiful. I think we can all relate that eyebrows are enormous focal point nowadays especially in today’s generation and became a fashion and iconic specially in the United Kingdom Beauty Standards. The addiction with heavy eyebrows is a world phenomenon, but it’s extremely popular in the United Kingdom where in the bigger the brow, the more preferable. Bold brows designate chastity, morality and natural beauty. To have more knowledge about beauty standard, Jade Willoughby is a woman who is considered to be “ethnically ambiguous,” perceives a thing about society beauty standards. Jade Willoughby belong to the few First Nation runway models who give improve understanding in the beauty world. She once said that it’s important to know who you are alternately trying to fit into someone else’s identity. The beautiful thing about you is the thing that makes you different.

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