Artificial Intelligence & Its Applications with Future Aspects

Published: 2021-06-17 08:37:59
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This paper reviews the means of artificial intelligence and its varied benefits and drawbacks including its applications. It conjointly considers this progress of this technology within the universe and discusses the applications of AI within the fields of significant industries, gaming, aviation, weather forecasting, skilled systems with the main focus being on skilled systems. The paper concludes by analysing the longer term potential of Artificial Intelligence.
Keywords: Gaming industry, Expert system, weather forecasting, robots.Introduction
Artificial intelligence outlined as intelligence exhibited by a man-made entity to additional solves complicated issues and this sort of system is mostly assumed to be a pc or machine. Computer- science is associate integration of engineering science and physiology Intelligence in straightforward language is that the process a part of the power to realize goals within the world. Intelligence is that the ability to assume to imagine making memorizing and understanding, recognizing patterns, creating decisions adapting to alter and learn from expertise. Computer sciences connected with creating computers behave like humans additional human like fashion and in a lot of less time than an individual’s takes. Therefore it’s known as computer science. Computer science is divided into components in line with philosophy of AI:

Strong AI
Weak AI

Strong AI
Strong AI the principle behind strong AI is that the machines can be made to assume or in different words may represent human minds at intervals the long run. thus strong AI claims that in on the point of future well be encircled by such styles of machine which can absolutely works like creature and machine could have human level intelligence. If that is the case those machines will have the facility to reason assume and do all functions that somebody’s is capable of doing. Current analysis is obscurity on the point of creating strong AI and a full of life discussion is on-going on whether or not or not this will be even potential.
Weak AI
The principle behind Weak AI is solely the very fact that machines may be created to act as if they’re intelligent. Weak AI merely states that thinking like options may be simply added to laptop to create them a lot of helpful tools and this already began to happen. For instance, once a personality’s player plays chess against a laptop, the human player may feel as if the pc is truly creating spectacular moves. However the chess application isn’t thinking and planning in the slightest degree. All the moves it makes area unit antecedent fed in to the pc by a personality’s which is however it’s ensured that the software package can create the proper moves at the proper times. More samples of Weak AI area unit witness skilled systems drive by wires cars and speech recognition systems. Artificial-Intelligence known as AI is that the capability of a tool to perform activities, which might otherwise only be expected of the human brain. These activities include the capability for information and therefore the ability to amass it. It additionally includes of the flexibility to gauge, understand relationships and last however not least turn out original thoughts.
Intelligence = understand + Analyse + React
Also, there’s an enormous totally different between short term memory and RAM. Short term memory holds tips to the long-term
memory wherever all the knowledge is truly stored whereas RAM stores knowledge that’s similarity to knowledge being remained a tough disk. Also, RAM encompasses a memory limit while there appears to be no capability limit once it involves short-term memory.
Advantages and Disadvantages:

One of the major advantages of artificial intelligence is that its decisions are based on facts rather than emotions. Even after our utmost efforts, it is a well-known fact that human decisions are always affected in a negative way by our emotions.
Unlike humans, machines with artificial intelligence do not need any sleep, thus overcoming the inherent disadvantage of tiredness in humans.
Easier spreading of knowledge. Once an artificial mind is trained for something, it can be very easily copied to the others reducing the time wasted in otherwise passing on knowledge to other humans through training.
Lack of creativity in responses
Inability to explain the logic and reasoning behind a certain decision.
Current development is at a stage where the AI cannot know when there is no solution to a particular problem.
It can be used to cause mass scale destruction if given in the wrong hands.

All this being said, one of the most concerning problem with the development of AI is that it will soon start substituting humans in every field thus causing a high rate of unemployment, which would lead to
depression, crime and poverty. Also, there are some fields that require the human touch and there is a growing sense of belief that machines will quite possibly never be able to replace humans. The caring behaviour of nurses in hospitals is one example of a job that humans feel machines will never be able to do justice to.
Artificial Intelligence in the form of neural networks and expert systems has applications in almost all human activities. Some of the applications of Artificial Intelligence are as follows:
Gaming Industry
One of the most commonly known applications of AI in the gaming industry is its use in chess. Even though these machines are not as intelligent as humans, they use brute force algorithms and scan 100‟ s of positions every second so as to determine the next move. As stated earlier, AI is also being used in Microsoft Xbox 360‟ s Kinect for body motion detection. But it is still in its infancy and requires a lot more advancement for it to be used in day-to-day applications.
Heavy Industries
Artificial Intelligence robots have become very common in heavy industries and are employed in jobs that are otherwise considered dangerous for humans. These robots also increase the efficiency, as they do not need any break while working thus overcoming the inherent disadvantage of tiredness in humans.
Weather Forecasting
Neural networks are nowadays being used for predicting weather conditions. Past data is provided to the neural network, which then analyses the data for patterns and predicts the future weather conditions.
Expert Systems
Expert Systems are machines that are trained to have total expertise in specific areas of interest. They are developed to solve the problems in niche areas. These systems use statistical analysis and data mining to solve these problems by deducing the solutions through a logical flow of yes-no questions. An expert system is made up of 3 parts:

Knowledge base- It stores all the information, rules, data and relationships that are needed by the expert system to have total expertise in its area of interest
Inference engine- It seeks information from the knowledge base on being presented with a query, analyses it and responds with a solution or recommendation in the way a human expert would
Rule- It is a conditional statement that links the given conditions to the final solution

Data Mining or Knowledge Extraction
Data mining is a fast-growing area. Data mining is a part of a process called KDD knowledge discovery in databases. This process consists basically of steps that are performed before carrying out data mining such as data selection, data cleaning, pre-processing of data, and data transformation. Data Mining is the use of computer algorithms to discover hidden patterns and unsuspected relationships among elements in a large data set. AI is a broader area than machine learning. AI systems are knowledge processing.
Future Aspects
The use of computer science can cause production of machines and computers, that square measure far more advanced than what we’ve nowadays. Speech recognition systems can reach a lot of higher levels of performance and can be able to communicate with humans, exploitation each text and voice, in unstructured English. there’ll be a good future some day for skilled system applications all told aspects of health care, in both clinical and body areas, in up patient care and in allocation of economic, social, and other resources. however once it involves the question of Artificial Intelligence making machines, that square measure a lot of intelligent than individuals, nobody looks to own the solution. Also, even if it’s attainable, the number of your time it’ll take cannot be expected. It’s conjointly expected to own human brain options like learning from expertise, noesis and perception. Whether human consciousness is going to be incorporated in these machines remains not glorious. Robots within the future are going to be ready to do everybody’s work and can be quicker and a lot of economical as compared to individuals in doing it. If one is unwell, they can rent an automaton nurse which will offer them with medicines at correct intervals. So it are often safely aforementioned that Artificial Intelligence remains in its embryonic stage and its future depends solely and solely upon the scientists resolution the mystery of the human brain. Until that’s done, no one can make a conclusion of whether or not our future is going to be affected positively or negatively by computer science.
The computing world features a ton to achieve or edges from various AI approaches. Their ability to be told by example makes them terribly versatile and powerful. what is more there’s no got to devise associate degree rule so as to perform a particular task i.e. there’s no got to perceive the interior mechanisms of that task. They’re additionally alright fitted to real time systems as a result of their quick response and computational times that square measure because of their parallel architecture. The goal of computer science is to form computers whose intelligence equals or surpasses humans. Achieving this goal is that the famed “AI drawback from last decade researchers try to shut the gap between human intelligence and computer science.

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