Approach to Activism of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

Published: 2021-06-17 06:30:45
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While comparing the letters of King and Malcolm X there have been different writing styles in which the letters have been written. King wrote his letter in 1963 while Malcolm X in 1964. King addressed a specific group of people while Malcolm X addressed almost everyone. Both leaders have different audiences. The audience of Malcolm was very diversified as compared to King’s audience. The tone for both letters was different but giving a strong message. King’s letter was written in a very passionate and hopeful version and mainly focused on nonviolence. King gave his speech in front of both Blacks and Whites. During his speech, he does not put the focus on the race, skin color or religion but talked about love, hope, and passion which reflects through his heart. King gave some references during his speech while Malcolm’s speech was rebellious. Malcolm’s speech was focused on religion, but King’s speech focused on almost everyone.
King promoted the non-violence, civil rights and to stop the racial discrimination towards Black people while Malcolm x wants a separate nation. King was supported by many white Americans during the civil rights movement in the United States. During the education period, King influenced by the Christian methodology. He studied the teachings of Gandhi. Malcolm said that Black nationalism means that politics must be controlled only by the black community. SCLC which is the organization of black churches to protest racial discrimination helped the NAACP and got the king’s support. In the whole letter, King never used abusive words which lead to violence during racial discrimination while Malcolm used the fierce and aggressive way to protest against inequality. King’s speech for nonviolence became the backbone for the Civil right movement. While in Birmingham King said that “there was darkness in the city”. King’s strategy proved that you don’t need violence, the power to protest for a good cause but you need love, compassion, and support from the public. People respect the King, listen to him because it was the people’s voice. Malcolm X gave the example of leaders like Washington and Patrick Henry to the way to achieve liberty. He addressed the public that they must know about their political rights of freedom. The main agenda for Malcolm’s speech was how the black population get treated by the white population unfairly. According to him, White people build pressure over Blacks through the education system. Malcolm recommends violence in his speech. White population differentiates the Black by giving them second class citizenship which is a very biased treatment for them. Malcolm opposed this citizenship by calling it slavery for the Blacks. He told his opinion about living the American dream. He knew that education helps African Americans to aware bout their rights because during recession Black get more affected as compared to Whites in 1964. The gap between both communities has been increased due to the education level between them. Education helps the Black people to vote the right person except getting trapped in false promises of White Americans.Some White Americans opposed the Civil right movement because they don’t want that African Americans would achieve their goal. He led the protest racism on a bus in Alabama. The protest has ended by the orders from the Supreme Court by giving it unconstitutional. King was conscious of the similarities and bonding between the protests of Blacks in America and revolution in Latin Africa and Asia. King in his nonviolent campaign uses the direct action, negotiation, self-purification which later he applied them in Birmingham which turned to be the most racist province in the United State at that time. There was the destruction of Negro Homes and Churches due to bombings. Black leaders want to negotiate with the City fathers but later on, they refused to do so. If we talk about Malcolm X his speech was very influential for the blacks due to which the community responds better to his speech. He said positively to the community “It is time to remove our differences and to realize and get awake for the same and common problem whether you are a Muslim, Baptist or Christian”. Malcolm’s speech indicates that he was not alone the people were also in the same boat.
Whether you are educated or not whether you are not living in a good house it does not matter at all. He inspired the African Americans to not only fight for their rights but also to show Whites how much they have power through their votes. The main them of his speech “Ballot or a bullet” means you can use the ballot as a bullet during votes. He said to the community that they are much powerful and can use their votes wisely to get their rights. He strictly said in his speech that choose the person who can stand for them and act willingly for their rights. The main purpose of his speech to inspire awake the Black community regarding the politics and the racial discrimination over them by the Whites. He also indicates the unity and strength between the Black because they fought the same war so guiding each other and with the help of proper knowledge and education they can achieve their rights and end this racial discrimination. Malcolm urged the people to create a Black community for the job empowerment and not led to misguide by the White people.
The speech of Malcolm provided a strong and powerful voice to the African Americans and gave them a vision and hope to get their rights back. The same thing was described in the letter written by Martin Luther King in Birmingham Jail which described the injustice against African American people. He was one of the prominent personalities in American history. His speech “I have a dream” inspired many people in Washington in which children of both communities can learn together, eat together, love together and live together. King’s speech worked as a motivational force for the African Americans which would lead to an end of the era of racial segregation. His speech demonstrates the fact that racial equality is necessary for humans to maintain peace on the other side, Malcolm claimed that violence always existed on one side of the revolution. Malcolm’s goal is not to make a society with both communities but especially focused on Black empowerment. He is a kind of independent rebel leader. On the other King got awarded many prizes in which Nobel peace award was given by Congress after the ban of racial discrimination.
Both leaders were the most effective leaders from the Civil Right movement. Both leaders used powerful slogans during their speeches like “I have a Dream”, “Free at Last”, “Let Freedom Ring” to motivate the people. Malcolm’ s gave stress over the Black society and its importance specifically focused. They had their same goal that African American people must possess equal rights. King’s vision for nonviolence for the justice of African Americans is going forward until he died. He was a very effective and important leader for African Americans. King died on April 4, 1968, which was a drawback for African Americans during the civil rights movement. Both leaders helped the rights of African Americans. Both leaders faced the same problems and ended with different solutions. In the end, the man with peace will be given priority. King’s speech is more comfortable towards people that’s why he gets more appreciated. Today King can be reminded of almost every person’s heart in the United States.

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