An Introduction to Digital Service Marketing

Published: 2021-06-17 08:17:52
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Digital service marketing refers to a kind of marketing method that serves customers to achieve marketing goals by means of Internet, computer communication technology and digital interactive media. Digital service marketing is a marketing strategy emerging in recent years. It will use advanced computer network technology to explore new markets with the most effective and cost-effective way. Therefore, in this digital age, the company’s service quality will be greatly improved.
Changes in technology have led from artificial service to intelligent service, brings more accessible, convenient, and efficient ways of serving. In the case of Banks, in an era when it has not yet been digitized, customers need to go to the counter of a brick-and-mortar store to find a server to conduct various financial transactions. Now, thanks to the advent of the digital era, customers can conduct financial transactions through the Internet, such as paying bills online, checking account records and so on. Therefore, the workload of the staff can be reduced, and customers can enjoy service anytime and anywhere as well, avoiding wasting time in long lines.Furthermore, with the development of technology, many companies have shifted from face-to-face service to online service. It is now more likely to encounter automated operators than human operators, when customer who calls the customer service department, and automation has a menu to follow. In addition, many large companies will set up an automatic customer service in their web pages. Companies will put some questions they think customers need, so that customers can easily get answers to such questions from the Internet. In the fact, many companies use human contact as the ultimate form of customer service because self-service and automated because self-service and automated services arguably make it convenient and more efficient for both parties, and it can improve the company’s service quality.
Other than that, digitalisation bring companies not only is the ability of automation. Companies also use technology to collect customer data and analyze customer data, and use the analytical data, in order to better meet customer demand. As an example, the company will store the history of customers’ purchase of each product and get the contact information of customers. When new products appear on the market or there is any promotion, the company will send messages to customers’ mobile phones or emails, so that customers can know the latest information. Moreover, companies also use social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to provide good customer service. Social media allow companies to communicate directly with customers in doubt, companies can also use it to promote themselves. Companies can also get consumer feedback from social media, in order to better improve customer satisfaction service.
To conclude, the more rapid the development of science and technology, enterprises will follow the development of science and technology to provide better service quality. In the old days, no one expected digitilasation can change a company, and now if a company remained the same in the technologically advanced 21st century, it could not compete with other companies.

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