Adoption and Conception of a Child

Published: 2021-06-17 08:44:17
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“Wahhhh” the baby cries. A new life enters the world. The mother looks down at her baby with loving eyes, the father looks at his immense new responsibility and the significance of the event dawns on him. He is now a father. But is this event really as innocent as it is made to be in our culture? Did the parents really make the right choice by choosing to have their own child? What if they had chosen to adopt a child instead of bringing one into the world?
Adopting a child and having your own do have similarities and differences, but adoption is definitely the better option. One of the most painful things the majority of women face in their lives is to bear children. The process of having a child is so painful and delicate that a dead mother or baby after birth was common before we had all of this advanced technology. The process for humans is especially difficult because we have proportionately much larger heads than most other animals, that’s also why other animals can have lots of children at once while having twins or more adds significant risk for us. Adoption and conception are similar in the sense that both are the product of a mother’s pain, but adoption can make it so you yourself don’t have to bear that pain. If you choose to have your own child you open yourself to a world of pain and a number of risks that could threaten your life. Also some people may not be able to handle the physical toll of having a child and conception would be a bad option for them too. You can avoid all of this unnecessary pain by simply adopting a child. Adoption does not take the pain out of childbirth, but it does make it so you yourself don’t have to face it.A Lot of children suffer in this world because they don’t have anyone to take care of them, or their parents may not be able to care for them properly. This is especially prevalent in third world countries where the economy is more agrarian than industrial. Farmers think that they can get free labor by having more children but what happens when they have a bunch of kids and the harvest goes bad? This problem also arises when people have babies that they didn’t want through unsafe intercourse, and decide to abandon their child hoping someone capable finds them and takes care of them. Adoption and conception are comparable when for this situation because they both directly affect the problem. When you have your own child you are indirectly contributing to this problem because you could have taken in a child in need but you decided not to. Your intention may be pure but there are unintended consequences to your actions.
Adoption deals with this problem directly by placing these children into good households and in the hands of competent parents. The choice is yours, you can add to the problem by conceiving, or you can help solve it by adopting. Everyone is familiar of the problem of overpopulation. Economists may try to satisfy an unlimited number of wants and needs with limited resources, but they can’t keep this up forever. Eventually we will get to a point where we will not have food to feed everyone, at least that is how the problem is expected to progress if we don’t change our habits. Adoption and conception are both unable to solve this problem because you can’t reverse overpopulation, you can only hope to stop it. Adoption and conception are similar in that sense, but they differ because conception contributes to the problem while adoption directly adds to it. Every time you have a child you are bringing a new dependant into the world, another mouth to feed, and another person to consume resources. You only add fuel to the fire. But if you choose to adopt a child you can fulfill your desire to have children without adding to the problem.
To conclude, adoption is a better option overall compared to conception because you don’t have to take the physical toll onto your own body, because you can help children in need, and because it doesn’t contribute to the major world problem of overpopulation. Some people say that they would rather have their own children to have a deeper connection by being genetically related, but this is wishful thinking. There is no guarantee that being biologically related to your child will make you closer to them. A Lot of children who are biologically related to their parents end up growing apart from them due to various reasons, their biological connection is not enough to forge a bond. On the other hand you can also see the love between adopted children and foster parents. When adopted children become aware of their parents generosity and their favor, they realize how fortunate they are which makes them love and respect them even more. Conception isn’t inherently evil, but adoption is just a better option overall.

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