A Walk to Remember: Brooklyn Bridge

Published: 2021-06-17 06:24:26
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For me a colorful memory would be the walk to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was late at night and my friend and I decide to go exploring our new home; Brooklyn. We decided to go to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was my first time in New York City. All I knew about this city was what I had seen in photos, TV shows and movies. Now, I was finally here. My journey had just begun. As we started walking we realized that everyone in New York City is a night owl. Even at 1 am there were cars all around. This city truly does not sleep.
As we were walking, the path to Brooklyn Bridge seemed never ending. We were continuously walking but the destination still seemed miles away. I could not control my excitement for this would later be recalled as one the adventures of my college life. After walking the longest distance, we finally reached. There it was! The Brooklyn Bridge! I was over joyed.All I could look at where the lights! The entire bridge had lights around it. Lights from buildings, ferries, boardwalks and of course, the Statue of Liberty which had its own shine and glimmer. When I was on the bridge it felt as if I were dreaming. It was all so surreal. “No need to translate lights, they say the same thing in all languages” (Whitehead). The lights were twinkling at me as if they were congratulating me for walking this entire distance to see them. It was as if me and the lights shared the excitement to be there, at the Brooklyn Bridge in this exact moment. The Bridge seemed ablaze with lights all around. I felt as if I was stuck in a movie scene. A movie scene which I did not want to end. I could see the Empire state building, it’s design is very traditional and that is what I admire the most. This moment was electrifying !The wind was wild and the air was chilly, but it was perfect . As we were standing there admiring the beauty of it all I felt a cold breeze and slight drizzle and then again I turned to the lights and felt the warmth of their presence. Once you’re up there and you turn around and notice your surroundings, you realize you’re above everyone and everything. If you stay quiet enough you can hear the water gushing beneath you. But don’t look down, for you’ll get scared and your knees start shaking. From up there you can see the traffic passing by. So many cars speeding through the bridge, beneath you. Is it 2am or 2pm? Time has no definition here. If you are new to this city like me you’ll start capturing photos of this moment in order to keep this memory alive, so that you can look at it and remember that in this very moment everything felt possible. Time stood still. I took a glance to my right side and noticed the skyline. Then I took a glance to my left, I see Manhattan. “The rest of the world resides in your peripheral vision” (Whitehead).When I see such well-lit areas, I realize the importance of darkness. Without darkness one cannot appreciate the beauty of light. “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light” (Aristotle).
We cannot experience light without darkness. Another thing that this view at Brooklyn Bridge reminded me of was Diwali! Diwali is an Indian festival in which everyone lights oil lamps in their homes in order to cast all demons away. Brooklyn Bridge made me feel at home without even trying. As much as I hate tall buildings and skyscrapers and bridges, this piece of architecture I truly appreciate. From up there everyone is equal, no one is more or less. This was my walk to remember or my colorful moment which illuminated my soul. This will always be my favorite spot in Brooklyn.

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