A Show of Power for NATO's Eyes Only: Russian Military Drills

Published: 2021-06-17 08:31:12
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It is the first time after the “Cold War” when military forces of the Russian Federation are making an expanded military drill. After the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Ministry Of Defense of the Russian Federation usually conducts annual drills in which 12,000-13,000 soldiers participate, but various reports of NATO intelligence estimates in “Zapad” more than 65,000 soldiers (Including MVD, MGB, Special Forces, Land Forces and Air Forces) are participating. Some war experts think that it is a warning for NATO, that Russia is ready for the war.
(The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) or simply NATO is a military union of western countries which want to maintain peace in the world. Since its foundation in 1949 it maintains the status and symbol of safety in mostly every region. The North Atlantic Treaty was signed by President Harry Truman in Washington, D.C, on 4 April 1949 and was ratified by the United States in August of that year.While Russian Defense Ministry has only 1.4 million mobilized troops, 29 members of NATO have 3.8 million mobilized soldiers. That is twice more, but Russia has more than 2,000 nuclear warheads while NATO only 4,000. Although, after collapse of “Warsaw Pact” in 1991, NATO is the largest military unit in the world.
Georgia, is a post-Soviet state located in Caucasus. Joining NATO maybe somehow beneficial as well as risky. It would be beneficial because joining NATO means permanent safety and a strong army which may provide any help at any time for Georgia. In another point of view today Georgia is depended on Russia. The Georgian Wine Agency reports that 67.5% of exported wine and 59.2% of exported mineral waters imported in the Russian Federation and that is a few billion USD. Also Russia remains as only provider of natural gas and oil for today. The most interesting and unfortunate fact is that by annual report of NGO “Defense and Military of the World” if the war starts Russian military can bomb and occupy whole Georgia in just 4 hours and 36 minutes.
Hybrid Warfare is a military strategy of propaganda and disinformation, which usually have some benefits during the war. It is a fact that mostly every country uses it with different amount. That is why during the war true information is not acceptable for citizens. It is a fact that Hybrid Warfare is not democratic and some people think it is a crime.
Founded during Stalin’s, rule 1st Guard Tanks Army was created to attack Fascist forces in the Second World War. After the Cold War, 1st Guard Tank Army decreased, but President Vladimir Putin renovated the 1st Guard Tank Army and started to manufacture new units. Nowadays 1st Guard Tank Army is mainly consisted by new Russian Tank (T-14 Armata) which today is one of the best tanks in the world. Russia has a substantial advantage in land forces in Eastern Europe compared to NATO. Russia has about 800 tanks in the region, which is more than what NATO has in the Baltics, Poland and Germany combined, including contingent reinforcements from the United States. As General Secretary of NATO Jens Stoltenberg told to the media in early summer: “NATO believes there are much more Russian soldiers near the Western border than Russia officially announced”.
As far as people now that the Russian Military drills are conducted with agreements of both Russian and Belorussian sides and there are not any democratic values which are abolished by the Russian government no-one can say that Russia is making something illegal. A few months ago there were NATO drills in Georgia and it was not illegal. Maybe there weren’t as many soldiers as in Belorussia but for Georgia it was a big drill. (Georgia has only 12,500 Soldiers in the Defense Ministry). So if NATO is conducting military drills in mostly every country then either Russia can conduct it wherever they would have permission. Neither NATO nor Georgia should be concerned with that project because It is all in a democratic way and it is just military drills which can not harm anyone.

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