A Developed Industrial Automation on Product Separating Conveyor Based on Length

Published: 2021-06-17 06:32:04
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This paper presents a design and construction of an automatic product passing and separating device based on length. Length based object sorting and separating is a paramount task in almost all the packaging industries that needs to be done at final dispatch system. The products of different length are placed on moving conveyor belt. Two LDRs and LASERs are set at predefined position of conveyor belt that measure the length automatically and a divider separates package product of different length to different bins. Therefore, product passing to the desired destination after separating on the basis of length is done in an automatic way. In this device, slide force mechanism is used for separating product so that soft and fragile products have less possibility to damage during separation. Also, light and brittle material can be separated easily. Strong emitter LASER is used in this device and LDR placement is done perfectly in perfect position so that the LASER’s emission on LDR is not hampered for the incident light and no miscalculation occurs. The device can be operated either in bright or dark environment and is independent of light. The performance of the constructed device is evaluated through its real-time operation which shows satisfactory results.
Keywords- Conveyor, LASER, LDR, Divider, Automaton.INTRODUCTION
Now-a-days the essence of automation in the process industries has boosted dramatically all over the world. Process automation serves to escalate product quality with burgeoning process safety and improving plant availability, control the whole range of products, and efficiently utilize resources and lower emissions that is very important for any industrial sections. In the rapidly developing countries, mass production is the main motivation for applying process automation. Its major demands rely on power generation, chemical and petrochemical industry [1]. Automation is an intellectual technology where human assistance is replaced by simultaneous machining processes [2]. It comprises various control system for different machineries with their equipment and also controlling the processes in factories, heat treating ovens, boilers, ship steering and stabilization, telephone networks operating, vehicles and air rides with minimal or less requisite human intervention. Industrial automation is most prominent for rapid increase of a country production and development as consequence. Artificial intelligence, robotics and information technologies for controlling different equipment and machineries in industries are major proportion of automation to replace a human operator and replicate it with its operation with more precise, safety and time saving way.
For dealing with different mass materials over short to medium passing on separations belt conveyors are broadly utilized for their high transportation efficiency when contrasted with other transport strategies [3]. The aggregate material taking care of is expending an impressive extent of the aggregate power supply, for example, very nearly 10% of the power supply is devoured by the material handling part [4]. Henceforth, it is an absolute necessity to enhance the vitality effectiveness of belt conveyors to diminish the power utilization and the vitality cost of material handling that is a standout amongst the most imperative focal points of the belt transport strategy [5]. Conveyor belt transport is a run of the mill vitality change framework in which vitality effectiveness comprises of four segments: execution efficiency, activity productivity, hardware productivity, and innovation efficiency and proselytes electrical vitality into mechanical vitality. The improvement of vitality effectiveness of the belt transports can without much of a stretch put to the operational efficiency and hardware productivity like vitality frameworks. It is noticed that operational effectiveness, indicates execution productivity that is normally reflected by different outside markers, for example, vitality utilization, vitality cost, or outflow of ozone-depleting substance etc. The idlers greatly affect the effectiveness of belt transports as all the longitudinal principle protections are exchanged by means of the idlers. The impact from idler outline, get together, grease, bearing seals, and upkeep is evaluated in [6]. A conveyor belt is an extreme and broadly utilized choice in the vast majority of the requirement for finish sequential construction system computerization like synthetic enterprises, packaging plant, food preparing and bundling industrial facilities [7], [8], [9]. The whole procedure from creation to sort items for bundling is carried on a solitary conveyor belt and the procedures are done in the middle of, while they are moving [10], [11]. Deciding constant and very exact qualities of little objects in a quick flowing stream would open new headings for industrial arranging processes [12].
Length based item separator is the device in which items can be isolated by two diverse line as per their length. Conveyor belt system in addition to a length measurement system can be utilized for such reason. The conveyor system comprises a transport line, at least two pulleys that turn around in an unending circle of the conveyor belt. Either of the pulleys is controlled which causes the belt and the material on the belt forward. The driving pulley is the powered pulley while the idler pulley is unpowered pulley [13].
By measuring the length of the object, which is going ahead of the conveyor by arranging the items in its particular pre-modified place that definitely reduce the dull work done by the human being, expanding precision and speed in the production system. In that, the microcontroller sends a flag to a circuit which drives the different servo engines joined at a particular area on the conveyor. In view of the identified protest, the servo engine pivots and pushes the objects its predetermined area, and comes back to the initial position [10].
In this paper, an attempt have been taken to design and construct a device for classifying and sorting purpose of different objects on the basis of their length using electronic systems. The project involves length measurement of an object which is done by LASER and LDR arrangement which measure the object’s length and sends the signal to the ATMEGA microcontroller in Arduino [14]-[18]. The microcontroller in response to the received signal generates an appropriate control signal which is sent to the circuit which drives the servo-motor and it also synchronizes the direction of movement of the servo-motor propeller with the size of the product. Based upon the measured length, the propeller of servomotor act as divider that helps the object to reach the specified location through slide force mechanism. An advantage of the slide force mechanism is that soft and fragile material can be separated easily which is difficult for thrust force mechanism. Strong emitter LASER is used in this
device and LDR placement is done perfectly in perfect position so that the LASER emission on LDR is not hampered for the incident light and no miscalculation occurs. In a word the sensing system is accurate. Also the smooth movement of the conveyor system is confirmed by using chain sprocket mechanism and ensuring no jam in the mechanism. The device is very durable because all the elements like the pulley, belt, chain, sprocket, and roller are strongly attached with the frame. Besides, the frame is strong enough to support the whole system. The device can be operated either in bright or in dark environment, for the whole process is independent of light. It points to group and arrange the sized items which are going ahead a conveyor belt by setting them in their particular pre-customized put. Because of this, just a single conveyor is adequate rather than many, thereby accomplishing high exactness and speed in the work; while wiping out the dreary work done by the human [19].
A. Design Consideration
Different types of the conveyor belt are used all over the world. But these types are used in industries and high production services. Among all of them, a simple Horizontal Wood-based conveyor belt system was designed in this work. Belt was made of fabric and a support was given beneath the fabric by wood and partex board so that the fabric doesn’t get loose or curvy. For length measurement, a couple of LASERs and LDRs were used and the system was made for the measurement and separation of only two sizes —below 4 inch and equal or greater than 4 inch. For design consideration at first the frame, conveyor unit system, conveyor rotating system, length measuring and separating systems were individually designed at finally they were assembled. For separating the different size products, the propeller of the servo-motor act as separator divider was used.
B. Construction of Frame
The frame is constructed of wood which is strong enough to support the whole system. The frame keep the whole system stable and also help to move the conveyor belt rotate properly without sliding from the original position. The dimension of the frame is 40 inch length and 19 inch width and 15 inch height. The frame includes the base, supporting column, separating systems, electrical and mechanical parts. The CAD model of the frame is shown in Fig. 1.
As usual
From the result, the failure chance and probable miscalculations of the LASERs and LDRs were detected. The reasons for failure were mentioned. For proper and accurate measurement of length of the product, there must be maintained the conveyor belt proper rotation and kept the LASERs and LDRs fixed to is position strongly. When the LASERs and LDRs are fixed to their position the measurement of length become accurate. Thus the failure chance will be reduced. Also proper rotation of the conveyor belt is to be ensured to drag the product in proper timing as the program is set.
As the world is getting modern and digitalized, human labor is being replaced by automation technologies and artificial intelligence for bringing higher comfort in human life and also for saving time as well as money and precise operation and mass production. In small and large scale industries to sort the products or in many other package industries, this system of product separation based on length is essential for quick, accurate, effective operation and mass production than using traditional human labor. Not only for bringing comfort but also for improving product quality and reducing cost these type of technological system using is a step of a digital life. The system is more improved and modified and very m

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