A Choice that Influences on Food Habits

Published: 2021-06-17 08:29:56
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The advertisement determines a choice of eating a healthy apple or a fattening cheese burger. This ad relies on the pros and cons of eating healthy or not by depicting the food choice a concern of their weight. In doing so, the ad is able to show how food choices turns humans weight into being healthy or obese. The man in the left seems very healthy. On his hand, there is a delicious apple which is good source of Vitamin C. The man on the right is the complete opposite and seems very unhealthy. He is holding a cheeseburger, that just by first glance looks very disgusting. The food we eat helps perform different functions in our bodies. A piece of fruit gives our bodies the vitamins and the minerals to keep us healthy. A cheeseburger contains a lot of trans- fat, carbs and sodium can cause health problems. The man in the left is very young. His body has a crispy tan skin tone and is hairless. The man in the right is much older due to its light skin color and is hairy from his stomach. The background blue color denatures two scenes of both men. The man in the left is a student and the other one is an adult with a job. Two scenes that helps understand their choice of eating. The young man is reaching out his healthy apple towards the other person which sends a message to the other person to change his poor diet. Whether to eat healthy or non-healthy, is that now the population is learning more how to make the right choice. Such as, the choice of a healthy apple which is better and it contains a lot of mineral fibers to our body. The cheeseburger, on the other hand, contains a lot of saturated fat and sodium that could lead to diabetes differs future disease.
At this point, whether to eat fast food or healthy determine a change of weight in the body over time. Even though, eating healthy helps you be in shape, but eating fast food makes you feel out of shape. For example, eating a tasty cheeseburger topped with a beef patty, American cheese, ketchup, and sesame seed bun from a fast food restaurant is unhealthy. The cheeseburger itself is high in calories only for one meal. Eating a cheeseburger should give a sense of healthy alert that is not a good food choice. Instead, eating a shiny red apple once a day is healthy because is low in calories. An apple is rich in fiber and a good source of vitamin C. Whether it is a cheeseburger or an apple both have good and bad nutritional facts.After, the choice of eating can influence a person emotionally to their physical state. If you eat healthy or unhealthy, it can emotionally effect both parties in different ways. For instance, the advertisement it has a young male who is skinny holding a shiny red apple. It implies to our emotions that being healthy helps us feel fit and well in ourselves when we look in front of a mirror. In the other hand, the other older male is obese holding a fatty cheeseburger. This man is not healthy, and not fit referring to a risk health factor. Viewing this male, it makes us feel a type of way or insecure of our bodies. Choosing to be fit or not fit determines the importance of making a difference in your life.
Following this, both male and female display a major role of decisions for food choices. It seems to me that, man is the major audience, but it is claimed is for both man and women. Also, children play a huge role in this advertisement for the poor and good food choices. The ad, everyone in general is interested in eating choices. It can be claim, all aged groups and the food choices in our modern American society. The ad, for instance, male man is the main audience of the choice between fast food and healthy eating. However, the food choices can refer to both male, and women. Since, the food choices we make is universal. It can reflect to many aged groups for both parties. Also, both parties are influenced for their everyday food choices. Decision making is a choice we make whether to eat healthy or not. A decision plays a role in our food chain. In this case, both parties relate to the decision making of those choices. The choice, food wise differ a huge change or no change emotionally, physically, and mentally.
Therefore, the cheeseburger and apple differ from different food logos. Although, the ad advertisement views the cheeseburger from Burger King restaurant, but the apple can be view from a food market. For example, the cheeseburger can represent Burger king logo. It can be argued that the cheeseburger can be either from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Burger king due to its deliciousness of their burger. However, ethically we can argue that any burger rate of tastiness can be from any restaurant. On the other hand, the apple represents a food market, Walmart, on Publix, Kroger, or Aldi. Worldwide, apples have the same taste, but they are just distributed from different stores for sale. A cheeseburger has the same ingredients, but different taste. It is made in some different fast food restaurants. how where the food comes from appeals to the audience ‘s sense of logos or logic? If Again, both food choices come from two different locations.
In conclusion, many factors mention above determines the choices we make in our daily life’s. A choice that can make a difference in our food habits. Decisions plays a major role daily when we rise and go to sleep. Those decisions come into play especially when we think about food. There is always pros and cons towards the choices we make. Those pros and cons can help or hurt your health wise. It is better to make a difference now, then wasting time doing nothing. However, a choice differs a change physically, emotionally, and mentally. Those factors occur over time depending the situation food wise. That choice, in the long run, will serve to teach one another whether to eat fast food or not.

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