Case Studies

  • Ballenger Creek Stream Restoration Frederick County, MD
    Brightwater performed the assessment and design for Ballenger Creek.  The assessment began in the office where historic and current aerial photos were used to help determine the cause and state of the instability.  Gage analysis and regional relationships were used to calibrate the bankfull discharge determination.  The field work included Wolman pebble counts, wetland delineation, assessment of riparian health, BEHI/NBSS analysis to assess bank erosion, and identification and flagging of probable bankfull indicators to be surveyed.
  • Selby Bay Storm Drain Improvement Anne Arundel County, MD
    The Selby Bay community in Edgewater Maryland in Anne Arundel County was evaluated for opportunities to apply Low Impact Development Stormwater Management practices and ESD techniques in an effort to reduce discharges and gain water quality improvements.  The community has narrow right of ways, many existing utilities, and a high water table.  The methods described below can be applied in many coastal Bay communities to improve drainage and water quality.
  • Tributary to Rock Creek Steppool Seepage Wetland System
    Brightwater completed the first Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance System (RSC) design in the Maryland Piedmont in 2008 for Maryland National Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC).  The Coastal Plain Outfall techniques successfully applied in the Maryland Coastal Plain were adapted and customized for the deeply incised and unstable tributaries to Rock Creek at Waverly-Schuylkill Park in Kensington, Montgomery County.