Wetland Delineation - Provide preliminary and on-site assessment of wetland resources based on the Federal Method for Identifying and Delineating Jurisdiction Wetlands.

Wetland Function And Value Analysis - Determine the function and value of wetland resources based on prescribed state, federal, and local regulatory requirements. Review potential wetland impacts. WET II, Wetland Evaluation Technique can be used to establish function and value of impacted wetlands.

Wetland Permit Negotiations - Interpret regulations and policies related to wetland resource protection and provide recommendations to client on site planning in order to facilitate permit processing. Negotiate permit conditions with all appropriate federal, state and local government agencies. Permit application preparation, submittal, and tracking is provided.

Mitigation Design - Provide strategies for compensating for wetland impacts. This includes location of appropriate alternative sites, design, construction and post-construction monitoring of the mitigation plan.