Watershed Assessments, Studies

Brightwater conducts watershed assessments and studies using proven and innovative approaches.  Brightwater provides expertise in all aspects of watershed hydrology and environmental resources and regulations.  Brightwater’s approach to watershed studies and plans combines robust GIS desktop analysis, modeling and field assessments.  Brightwater’s approach incorporates a data repository, engineering models to evaluate existing and future conditions of hydrology, hydraulics, and water quality, and a rating and prioritization analysis for streams and subwatersheds.

Brightwater applies comprehensive metrics and ranking factors to prioritize restoration and preservation for subwatersheds as well as site-specific opportunities.  After identifying and prioritizing areas for restoration through GIS desktop analysis, field assessments are necessary to provide verification and to generate basic conceptual designs.  Brightwater is experienced in interpreting and field assessing sites identified in the Stream Corridor Assessments (SCA) performed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  Brightwater’s experience in both stream assessment and restoration is second to none. 

Brightwater is proud to team with national expert and leader Bill Lucas, Principle of Integrated Land Management, Inc.  Mr. Lucas applies state-of-the-art techniques to detailing impervious and pervious cover, to model hydrology and to predict impairment due to existing and future development.  Mr. Lucas is also an expert in modeling and estimating pollutant loads, a critical factor in addressing TMDLs. 

Brightwater’s watershed assessments and plans address NPDES permit requirements including identifying opportunities to disconnect impervious cover, identifying and recommending action for illicit dischargers and developing pollution prevention plans.