Brightwater is a national leader in stream assessment and restoration design, having pioneered the natural channel approach to restoration design since 1986. Brightwater continues to innovate and develop new techniques for stream restoration and aquatic habitat improvement. Brightwater developed a low cost technique using soil-fabric encapsulation to construct vertical stream banks with vegetative stabilization. We have also developed an application of step pool seepage wetland techniques for stabilizing incised stream channels in various geomorphic settings. We can provide design-build services if desired.

Brightwater is thoroughly familiar with the Rosgen Classification system and teaches short courses on how to use it. Brightwater is also familiar with EPA rapid Bioassessment protocols which may be required for NPDES stormwater permits.

Brightwater can provide Stream Quality Impact Assessments including assessment of the stream's flow regime, energy source, habitat structure, and water quality.

Stream Quality Monitoring - Design and conduct stream sampling programs to assess current water quality, stream channel stability, aquatic life and temperature regime to document effects of changes in land use or land cover. For stream restoration or mitigation requirements, post monitoring capabilities are also available.

Stream Restoration - Plan and implement strategies to restore destabilized stream systems. By assessing natural stream conditions, i.e geology, hydrologic, hydraulic, and geometric factors, the pre-disturbance stream pattern is determined. By defining slope, bankfull width and depth, sediment size distribution, stable meander pattern, and sinuosity can be restored, reversing adverse impacts on stream structure and function.

In stream Sediment Removal – Remove sediment from streams safely with “silt-sucker” which cleans stream beds without disturbing bed or stream banks after large quantities of sediment have been transported into the stream from, sediment and erosion control failures.

Stream Bank Stabilization - Design and implement stream buffer strategies to reduce or eliminate stream bank erosion. This includes the use of non structural or structural technologies dependant upon existing conditions.

Habitat Improvement - Assess habitat deficiencies and provide reclamation treatments to enhance aquatic habitat structure and production.

Let Brightwater supply your needs for stream assessment, restoration design and construction.