• Federal, State, and local Government Activites
    Public agencies at all levels of government are constantly being required to do more with less resources. As a result, most management decisions are based on judgments under crisis situations. Often times the adequate time, data, and analysis is not afforded to a project because of limited resources. Eliminating these critical elements can result in the implementation of designs that cost more and may result in further unanticipated problems.
  • Stream Consultation
    Brightwater is a national leader in stream assessment and restoration design, having pioneered the natural channel approach to restoration design since 1986. Brightwater continues to innovate and develop new techniques for stream restoration and aquatic habitat improvement. Brightwater developed a low cost technique using soil-fabric encapsulation to construct vertical stream banks with vegetative stabilization. We have also developed an application of step pool seepage wetland techniques for stabilizing incised stream channels in various geomorphic settings. We can provide design-build services if desired.
  • Land Development Activities
    Brightwater, Inc. provides services to efficiently and affordably obtain permits for land development while working sensitively with environmental resources. Brightwater offers very strong expertise in permit negotiations and all the complex issues related to environmental regulations.
  • Wetland Consultation
    Wetland Delineation - Provide preliminary and on-site assessment of wetland resources based on the Federal Method for Identifying and Delineating Jurisdiction Wetlands.
  • ESD/LID and Stormwater Management BMPs
    Brightwater applies Environmental Site Design (ESD) or Low Impact Development (LID) techniques to manage stormwater, recharge groundwater, restore water quality, and reduce erosive flows to projects including stormwater retrofits and new development, and stormdrain improvement.
  • Watershed Assessments, Studies
    Brightwater conducts watershed assessments and studies using proven and innovative approaches.  Brightwater provides expertise in all aspects of watershed hydrology and environmental resources and regulations.  Brightwater’s approach to watershed studies and plans combines robust GIS desktop analysis, modeling and field assessments.  Brightwater’s approach incorporates a data repository, engineering models to evaluate existing and future conditions of hydrology, hydraulics, and water quality, and a rating and prioritization analysis for streams and subwatersheds.