Brightwater, Inc. provides services to efficiently and affordably obtain permits for land development while working sensitively with environmental resources. Brightwater offers very strong expertise in permit negotiations and all the complex issues related to environmental regulations.

As a result of increasing public awareness and concern for the continued loss and degradation of our natural resources, land development project management has become exceedingly more difficult. Government's response to a renewed emphasis on environmental protection has manifested itself in a more thorough effort to enforce existing laws and the creation of new, more stringent controls. This response has, at times, been viewed by business and industry as an additional impediment to completing their projects within a reasonable time frame.

Since it is apparent that environmental considerations will not diminish, it is best to factor them into the project as early as possible to avoid delays in plan processing and permit application review. Unfortunately, that does not always occur. When it doesn't, confusion results, delays occur and costs escalate.

Brightwater, Inc. works with private developers, corporations, and contractors to design land use plans, site developments, and construction projects that are in concert with sensitive water resources, accompanying wetlands, stream and floodplain networks. By taking this approach, adverse ecological impacts to these ecosystems can be avoided, or at least minimized.

Brightwater, Inc. is intimately familiar with regulatory programs relating to aquatic resources including Federal 404 Wetlands Permits, 401 Water Quality Certification, and state wetland regulatory programs in the middle Atlantic region. Brightwater can provide full service consultation with all environmental regulatory programs including forest stand delineations (FSD), natural resource inventories (NRI), and forest conservation plans (FCP). Brightwater stays current on regulatory changes including the “Interim Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual.”

Brightwater has extensive experience with stormwater management utilizing state of the art and now required by law environmental site design (ESD) and sediment and erosion control technologies.

Brightwater, Inc. can save you time, money, and frustration in dealing with environmental regulations related to aquatic resources.