Applied River Morphology

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Mon, 12/15/2014 - Thu, 12/18/2014


General Principles

Overview of Course

Principles of River Morphology and Watershed Description

Stream Order

Bankfull Discharge

The Discharge Rating Curve

Flood Frequency Distribution

Morphological Features

  • Measurement of slope
  • Bankfull stage
  • Width and depth
  • Sinuosity
  • Entrenchment
  • Bed material size distribution
  • Flow resistance

Hydrology and Hydraulics

  • Flow frequency distribution
  • Bankfull/dominant/effective discharge
  • Bankfull return period

Field Work

  • Field measurement of bankfull discharge
  • Field calibration of a gauging station
  • Hydraulic geometry relationships


Stream Flow and Classification

                Flow Estimating Models

  • TR55
  • TR20
  • Other

Introduction to Stream Classification

                Historic Attempts at Classification

                The Rosgen Classification System

   1.         Delineative Criteria

   2.         Visual Depiction of Stream Types

   3.         Delineation Key

   4.         Examples


Field Work

Classification of Streams - Site Visits


  • Suspended Sediment

Bedload Sediment

  • Sediment Rating Curves
  • Sediment Equilibrium

Applications of the Classification System

Stability – Instability

Patterns of Adjustment and Disequilibrium

Factors that Influence Instability

Effects of Land Use Changes on Hydrology

Bank Erosion

Aggradation and Degradation

Evolution of Stream Types

Restoration Examples

  • Classroom discussion
  • Site visits